Imagine a story we want to keep alive forever.

Distilled to its most powerful essence,
cast into a captivating body of sculpture,

it becomes a focal point of contemplation,
a place to rest our gaze.

© Alain Six
The Firefighter in its wax stage – Final material: bronze – Size: 100 cm

“Monumentality was born out of the wish to capture universal archetypes of strength and aesthetic power”

Fen de Villiers seeks to display universal strength in his work. His sculptures form mental touchstones around aspects of society he feels should be monumentalized. He stresses the necessity for these elements to be contemplated and gazed upon, a process he calls ‘aesthetic consumption’.

The sculptor guides our imagination through the work. He invites us not only to consider the setting and motivations of the figures, but also the places and historical events they dwelled within.

Fen translates archetypal subjects into powerful or even heroic images, although always wishes that the viewer can find his own interpretation.

© Alain Six
The Stargazer in its plaster stage – Final material: bronze – Size: 175 cm

“In essence I am pursuing harmony and balance within form. The rhythmic play as one element communicates to another. The eye dances from one shape to the next, playing to the music of the spacial composition.”

© Alain Six
The Stargazer in its plaster stage – Final material: bronze – Size: 175 cm


Exhibition by Fen de Villiers

Introduction by Sven Gatz,
Flemish minister of Culture
7 December 2018 – 8 pm

8 – 30 December 2018
Friday – Saturday – Sunday
1 – 6 pm

In Galerie Verbeeck – Van Dyck
Verbindingsdok Westkaai 12
2000 Antwerpen