Fen de Villiers

Available work: sculpture, maquettes, prints and drawings.

‘Looking back to strive forward’ – A conversation about art and culture.

‘Righting Modernism’s wrong turn’ in Man’s World magazine by Raw Egg Nationalist. Article about Modernist art and how to carry its flame forward on page 78.

“Force and Form – Resistance in the art of Fen de Villiers”
A philosophical essay with insightful views on Fen’s art, written by Tólma.

In the context of his latest stone sculpture exhibition ‘Breakthrough’, Fen has written a manifesto for the reinvigoration of aesthetic strength. His wish is to create a new movement with like-minded artists and creatives, to bring back the vitality in culture and art, which he believes is slipping away in the current cultural scene.

Fen’s views on aesthetics and culture, sculpture in progress, exhibitions, interviews …