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Bronze & Stone sculpture

Fen works with materials that stand the test of time, like bronze or stone. Each type of stone, each bronze finishing has its own unique character. These materials don’t wear, they ‘live’. As time passes, the sculpture changes, yet never loses its vital energy.

Lino & Wood prints

Printmaking is a highly sculptural process. Every shape is carefully carved out of a piece of wood or lino, before any ink comes into the picture. In fact, the negative printing plate can be considered a 2D piece of sculpture.

Plaster maquettes

Every monumental sculpture starts with a maquette. Fen meditates on it for hours, days or weeks until he falls in love with it. That’s when he knows it’s ready to be scaled up for the creation of a monument. The original clay maquette doesn’t last, but casting it into plaster is a way to forever hold its magical energy.


Straight from Fen’s sketch book: the rough ideas, which later turned into sculptures. Each drawing is a unique piece.

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