exhibition March - April 2021


breaking through the stone,

breaking through the walls of creative imprisonment

Fen: “Stone carving for me is the absolute essence of sculpture. You work directly in a material that was given to you by nature: raw and with its own free will, but at the same time pure and imbued with age-old vitality.”

©Alain Six, 2020

The making of

“Breakthrough” is about the physical act of carving the stone, but also the spiritual fight of breaking through the overarching trend of Postmodernism in culture. Fen doesn’t agree with the dominant idea that ‘anything can be art’ or ‘anything in 3D can be sculpture’, which is why he wanted to make a statement for sculpture in its purest form.

Manifesto for aesthetic reinvigoration

In the context of his latest stone sculpture exhibition ‘Breakthrough’, Fen has written a manifesto for the reinvigoration of aesthetic strength. His wish is to create a new movement with like-minded artists and creatives, to bring back the vitality in culture and art, which he believes is slipping away in the current cultural scene.

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