Bronze edition AP* 1/1 (main edition: 3)
Height +/- 40 cm

The Pilot is inspired by Helios, the chariot that crosses the sky. A symbolic reference to the sun.

7750 euros

* The AP (Artist’s Proof) of a bronze work is a personal – usually more refined – working model of the artist, used as a base to produce the larger edition.

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More about this work

The Pilot was the center piece of Fen de Villiers’ 2015 exhibition ‘The Story Within’.

“The exhibition consists primarily of five bronze sculptures that express archetypal imagery. They embody the four elements – fire, water, air and earth – plus a fifth element. This fifth element, known in Latin as quinta essentia, the quintessence, the ether, that subtle substance above the atmosphere that permeates all bodies, the primary element that alchemists believed could turn other metals into gold. (…) The five elements are related to the metals, to which Fen de Villiers makes direct and indirect references in his work, while also making connections to celestial bodies.” (Ernest Van Buynder, The Story Within by Fen de Villiers, 2015) “Pilot refers to Gold, Fire and the heavenly body the Sun” (Ernest Van Buynder, The Story Within by Fen de Villiers, 2015)


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