Private: Industrious

Bronze edition AP1/2
Height 25 cm

The worker is a symbolic reference of man overcoming the confines of nature. Physically mastering the world and shaping it to his will. A crucial building block of society.

3450 euros

* The AP (Artist’s Proof) of a bronze work is a personal – usually more refined – working model of the artist, used as a base to produce the larger edition.

Availability: order time +/- 6 weeks


Bronze edition 2/7
Height 15 cm, width 55 cm

Fen: “My endeavor was to imply the feeling of speed, movement and velocity. Dynamism for me is the perfect antidote to our culturally static times.”

6750 euros

Availability: +/- 6 weeks

On Impact

Bronze edition 2/7
Height 10 cm, length 19.5 cm

The moment of impact, concentrated force in pure sculptural form. ‘On Impact’ is one of Fen’s more abstract expressions of energy realised as form.

1650 euros

Availability: order time +/- 6 weeks